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Organisations in Malta will now be able to benefit from the latest tools in vulnerability management, as Computime signed a new partnership with leading global security solutions provider Holm Security.

With the cost of cybercrime on the rise, it is estimated that the annual cost to companies worldwide will reach $10.5 trillion by 2025. To address this, it is critical that companies have the tools to effectively manage risks and vulnerabilities across the complete business system infrastructure.

With the implementation of Holm Security’s System and Network Scanning, Computime will now be able to offer customers in Malta the ability to track and control vulnerabilities across their entire business infrastructure. The platform automatically and continuously scans for an ever-increasing number of vulnerabilities as it carries out both vulnerability and policy scans across local and public networks that can be customised based on user requirements. Assets can then be effectively organised, tracked, and continuously monitored for exposure to risk. With this threat intelligence, organisations understand where to prioritise their efforts in system security.

The addition of Holm Security’s Web Application Scanning means we can also offer businesses the capability to detect vulnerabilities across their web applications. Scans are automatically and continuously carried out to identify vulnerabilities related to bad code, misconfigured systems, weak passwords and exposed system information and personal data. Once threats have been identified, it is then easy to create clear and detailed reports to effectively record any issues. This enables organisations to find and remediate the most prevalent vulnerabilities, allowing for effective cyber security management in a systematic, risk-based manner.

Our new partnership with Holm Security is an even bigger step towards providing our customers with the means to identify system vulnerabilities quicker and easier than ever before. “Their Vulnerability Management platform enables organisations to refine the process of System and Network Scanning/Web Application Scanning and allows them to assess the security of their entire IT infrastructure.

Ing. Stephen VellaChief Technology Officer

Through its automatic and continuous scanning, Holm Security provides the complete solution for discovering, assessing, prioritising and resolving vulnerabilities efficiently. Moreover, as a result of this partnership, Computime offers extensive training, managed services and check-ups from Holm Security to further enhance organisations’ cybersecurity profile.

Computime couldn’t be more thrilled with the partnership and the team is excited to see what new inroads they, together with Holm Security will achieve.