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By choosing Computime to design and implement your network infrastructure, you are making an informed decision to invest in quality.

Our cabling systems provide a universal platform for transferring data, voice and multi-media applications around your premises.
NEAT Networks are leading specialists in all aspects of cabling design and installation, termination, testing, rerouting and maintenance and the name you can trust for structured cabling that delivers total network stability and continued support.
The meticulous approach and attention to detail for which NEAT Networks has come to be recognised over the years is evident in the comprehensive labelling and tagging of every cable, the extensive documentation of the network design and test results for every network point and certification. This process qualifies our networks to a 25-year warranty.
Greater Flexibility

Replace multiple wiring systems with a single, unified infrastructure that carries data in any format, from voice to video. Whether you want to connect a PC or telephone, simply plug in the appropriate adapter to the socket!

Easy, low-cost moves

Make moves and changes in a matter of minutes. From individuals changing desks to entire departments restructuring and moving floors, simply plug-in and get back to work straightaway.

Peace of Mind

Every structured cabling solution comes with a 25-year full on-site warranty, covering component or performance faults. Effectively, peace of mind for the lifetime of your product.

Future-proof solution

Invest in a solution that is able to support emerging applications, safe in the knowledge that your cabling infrastructure will not become out-dated in a couple of years.

Simpler to manage

It makes sense to invest in a single cabling infrastructure. Not only is it more cost effective than investing in two discrete cabling networks, it is generally much easier to manage.

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Speak to us about how we can help you implement the right solution for you and to help you innovate and gain greater business agility and flexibility with a modern workplace experience.

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