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We are a collective mix of technical experts, business implementation and industry specialists

Successful implementations, maintenance and support of business software and technology projects of every size, locally, as well as overseas for over 40 years.

Our philosophy is to be completely transparent with our customers from the initial call or meeting, to the ongoing implementation of a project through to completion, ensuring alignment around the amount of time, effort and cost required to implement and deliver a successful project that meets all the pre-agreed deliverables.

We specialise in large, multifaceted and complex projects, which require a high degree of commitment to effort and change by both the customer and supplier. The lack of either one of these commitments, often leads to projects remaining unrealised or falling short of meeting the customers’ objectives.

Our highly certified and qualified professionals understand the challenges of the various stages of a project and employ strict best practices to circumvent potential pitfalls. In doing so, we enjoy a consistently high customer satisfaction rating with 96% of our clients saying that Computime exceeds their expectations and 99% saying they would recommend Computime to their peers.

Our carefully selected list of global partners and the cutting-edge technology they provide, empower us and give us the flexibility to tap into and make use of a wide range of different, highly sophisticated technologies to achieve the best possible results for our customers – applying our own extensive industry knowledge to design exceedingly specialised IT systems and networks or business application projects, configured to exact customer specifications to conduct very particular jobs and achieve and meet very specific business targets and requirements.

We are a multidisciplinary team of business professionals with a rich acumen for providing highly specialised services that go beyond the implementation of the IT solutions and business applications themselves -

Over the years we honed an in-depth knowledge and appreciation for the industries we serve. We developed an acute understanding of the particular pain points and challenges they face and how best to address them and help ease their stresses.

Our determination to innovate and provide superior solutions that deliver agility, quality and value to our customers, leads us to invest heavily in ongoing staff training every year. We nurture and seek to grow our partnership levels with some of the world’s leading IT brands and because we work very closely with and have gained the respect and trust of tech heavyweights like HPE, Microsoft, Cisco, CheckPoint, Sophos, Poly and Alcatel Lucent, we have a front row seat and first access to the latest product releases, with the respective certifications to match.  This also puts us in pole position to provide our customers with the most competitive prices on the market.

Our carefully crafted designs integrate seamlessly with existing technologies. Moreover, the creation of our own proprietary software developed in direct response to the specific requirements and objectives of companies within industries like the banking and finance, igaming, retail and distribution and construction sectors, contribute to and effectively improve business operations, accelerated company growth and realised ROI.

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