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Our Story

From humble beginnings, to the leaders we are today.

Computime first opened its doors over four decades ago. It came to life and was built on the efforts  of a small group of Certified Public Accountants who shared a common vision and desire to provide a blended offering, pioneering the concept of multi-disciplinary diversification.

Over the years, our offering grew and evolved to cater for new, emerging business requirements, responding to our customers’ needs, and ensuring we have the necessary skills in place to deliver products and services of the highest standard and ROI.

With an inquisitive mindset and a steadfast approach and determination to solve problems, we pride ourselves in continually reinventing ourselves, employing individuals whose culture is deeply rooted and wired in making every complex project we handle a success and who share our commitment to be the best in everything we do.

We are a close-knit community of business experts where our customers, partners and employees are at the heart of all we do.

From investors, to partners and employees alike, we believe our people are our biggest asset. We aim to leverage our collective talents and the many different disciplines and skills of our people, to challenge conventionality and deliver solutions which set us apart from the competition and put us on a level which is a cut above the rest.

Our Employee Promise

We make it our priority to ensure the workplace is an environment which our teams are eager to come to and be a part of every day. Through open communication and mutual collaboration, we have repeatedly exceeded our targets for continued company growth year after year.

As a company, we believe in maintaining a good, work-life balance and for years have advocated remote working to achieve this. The professional growth and personal well-being of our employees are central to our operations and we address both by constantly investing in staff training, offering exceptional benefits packages, promoting travel, ensuring the physical and mental health of our staff, and maintaining a social calendar with a stream of regular activities throughout the year.

We pride ourselves in treating everyone equally, giving opportunities and rewarding staff on the basis of enthusiasm and high achievements. We are a diverse group of over one hundred individuals, from more than ten nationalities and we celebrate this diversity and welcome people of all ages and cultures, from various backgrounds and walks of life.

Above all, we appreciate that we would not be where we are today if it was not for our team of incredible technology and software enthusiasts. We have a passion for what we do, and it shows in the work we deliver. Together we push boundaries every day and overcome challenges, to achieve quicker results and learn something new every time in the process.

Multifaceted Talent

Our team is a reflection of our drive to diversify and evolve. They bring broad expertise from tech, academia, marketing, strategy consultation, communications, fintech, product development, security, project management and logistics and many other lines of study. Together we are able to examine the wider picture from all its angles and to present solid perspectives, providing best options and approaches based on the respective industry best practices.

Modern Workplace Business Software Applications, Systems Integration and FinTech Solutions.

We have three main business divisions which collectively comprise a complete and unique collection of specialist ICT services – including the provision of all the hardware, back office applications and systems for the operations of an agile workforce in a modern and secure workplace which is easily accessible and readily available to staff whenever they need it, from wherever they are.

Computime Systems Integration exists to provide IT security, IT networks based on wired and wireless technology, as well as IT systems including servers, storage, virtualisation technology and cloud-based solutions, and hybrid cloud managed services that serve as an extension to our customers’ IT operations.

Computime Business Software is focused on business software and integration solutions for organisations across the globe, offering a mix of world-class, on-premises and cloud-based products along with proprietary technology solutions.

Computime FinTech comprises regulatory reporting and AML and transaction monitoring solutions, represented by BRSANALYTICS and ComplyRadar respectively for the banking and financial services sector, the igaming and other heavily regulated institutions.

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