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Enterprise Asset Management


Across almost every asset-intensive industry, from oil and gas, to sustainable energy, to manufacturing and transportation, organisations are challenged with how to get the most value from assets across their entire lifecycle. If handled correctly, it can be the key to continued operations in times of reduced budgets. It can help extend the useful life of equipment, improve ROI and defer new purchases.

There are many reasons for the increasing demand for better asset management. When organisations raise the importance, risk, quantity, and/or cost of their corporate, critical or capital assets, they often see a corresponding rise in interest by management to better maintain control and visibility of all these assets. What is more, in this new era of mobile, cloud, and analytics technologies, there are more opportunities than ever to collect, consolidate, and analyse information about assets to help fine-tune performance.

IBM Maximo Asset Management provides the essential capabilities to better manage your physical infrastructure assets. You can leverage Maximo to make better decisions around all aspects of asset management, and get the insights you need to deliver ongoing value for your organisation.

The IBM Maximo® Application Suite is a set of applications for asset monitoring, management, predictive maintenance and reliability planning.
Work Management

Asset-intensive organisations need to be able to centrally manage both planned and unplanned work activities from initial request through completion and recording of actuals.

Asset Management

An effective enterprise asset management solution must manage and optimise the use of all assets to achieve greater asset availability, reliability, and performance.

Planning and Scheduling

Planners and schedulers are at the heart of optimised work processes which enable users to optimally plan, schedule, assign, and track work using an intuitive graphical user interface.

Supply Chain Management

As traditional business assets become more technology-enabled, operations and IT functions are increasingly converging in today’s changing business and technology environments.

Health and Safety

The primary objective of health, safety, and environment initiatives is to reduce overall risk, to comply with appropriate regulations, and to create a safe, yet efficient operating environment.


Management teams can run extended analytics, empowering users with insight to make smarter decisions and implement operational improvements.

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