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In their most recent bid to provide their esteemed clientele with a grow choice of best-of-breed products and enhance their cybersecurity portfolio, Computime have teamed up with Blue River Experts (BRE), with the specific intent of equipping Board Members with critical information on how to address the upcoming NIS2 regulation and its requirements.

The partnership allows Computime to offer Board Members of organisations worldwide:

  • Specific insight into the NIS2 Directive including the legal and regulatory framework surrounding NIS2 and the obligations of organisations under NIS2;
  • A breakdown of the specific requirements outlined in NIS2 and details on the roles and responsibilities of the organisation’s board members in ensuring NIS2 compliance, the potential impact of non-compliance and associated penalties and tips for establishing a robust NIS2 compliance framework within the organisation;
  • The training necessary to be able to make informed decisions and take key steps to tackle the specific requirements of the Directive, overcome the challenges and avoid potential risks associated with failure to implement any of the NIS2 requirements and best practices and strategies to address NIS2 requirements effectively.

For more information on course prices and duration, contact us on or +356 2149 0700.

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